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YouTube SEO: 3 Steps To Rank Number 1 on YouTube

In the last seven days, I got around 4.7 million impressions on my YouTube channel,and 30 percent of this traffic was YouTube search traffic. In this blog, I will showyou exactly how and what I do to rank my videos on top of you so you can grow yourYouTube channel, get more views, more subscribers and get more traffic to yourwebsite and grow your business online.

Let’s stop and see what is YouTube seo simply

in one minute. As seo stands for search engine optimization and YouTubeis a search engine, so you do as SEO simply is how to optimize your videos to rank on top of YouTube. So let’s go here and open a private YouTube session.

I was searching for email marketing as an example for beginners. This keyword enter,you will see my video is on top of YouTube, so I can get a lot of views from search results. Organic views if you go here and search for Google AdSense.

This simple keyword you will see my video is on top of YouTube, the second video here.

Not only that, if you go here to my view with ranking report, you will see I am ranking on top of YouTube for all these keywords here. More than 50 keywords ranking on top of YouTube.

So how I am doing this, this is what I’m going to share with you in this video. The idea is simple we have three main steps number one keyword research, then video optimization and number three.

Boosting your video and tracking your ranking.

 So I think the best way to learn this is with a practical live example. So I will pick a video and let’s start practically and see me now live how I optimize my videos, so I will pick this blog.

 Google AdSense tutorial I’m ranking on top of YouTube as I showed you that little bit. So step number one is to do keyword research. How I do this simply,

I use to services eight super tools and morning fame. Simply go to eight super tools dot com my free as SEO and digital marketing tools platform. Go hit

the YouTube section YouTube Q2 and here I will go and enter Google AdSese,

which is my video topping enter to search. And now this awesome free tool will give you more than 300 keyword ideas to use in your video. So we have a lot of key with ideas and topics you can get from this awesome free to now. In my case, I found

that Google AdSense has around 300000 searches per month, which is really a big number because the is somehow medium. Now here you have to understand something very

important in terms of difficulty. In my case, since my channel is somehow big, I can go with medium and high difficulty keyword. But if your channel is still

small, I prefer you pick a low. Difficult to argue its logo here as an example and you can see this keyword is low Google AdSense for press this keyword,

we can find low difficulty keywords and create videos about these topics so you can rank and break the search algorithm and rank on YouTube. If you are a small channel, go with low difficulty and if your channel is big and go with medium to high difficulty, now I will give you a better tip to choose your key.

Now here we found some keywords I will go to is the second tool, which is morning theme. Go to topic here and then I will say Google AdSense again.

First, I would pick the schema go to step number three. This tool, by the way, is really awesome. I will go down here and you will see now it will show me something called a gateway VIDEO. This is the video that you need to target and to break through.

 Now, in my case, this town has around one hundred thirty one thousand subscribers. I have bigger numbers, are somehow easier for me to break through

this video. But depending on your channel size your audience, you need to target this gateway video to break through this how you picked the correct keywords. So do some keyword research.

 He’ll select the key with a morning theme and pick up your Gateway video to break through. Now, step number two is to create your video. If you don’t have the video you get on your channel. You need to create it recorded and then upload to YouTube. Now, if you didn’t record your video yet,

which is better, by the way, when you plan for SEO, you plan before you start creating the video. So in the blog, you have to focus on two tips. Number one is to mention the target keyword while you are talking, you know, 2021. The voice recognition today is very important, so always tried to mention the keywords a lot of studies show that mentioning.

 A Kingwood helps you to understand what the blog is about. The number two is to create an awesome intro to who the viewers to continue watching so you can increase the view duration is very important

to give YouTube a sign that this video is performing well on the platform. But if you have recorded a video like in my case, you just need to optimize it.

How we optimize it, optimize mainly three things the title, the description, and the thumbnail. This combination, thumbnail title, and description is super important.

This is the most important thing on YouTube. Now you may ask me, and what about the tags? If you go down here, the dogs, you can see that I am ranking on top of YouTube. Almost all of these tags are somehow important, but you can see now YouTube. They have the tags play a minimal role in helping viewers find your video, and it’s only useful when your videos are commonly misspelled.

 I’ll tell you now. Tags are not important at all. We will add tags and you will see how easy is to add tags now in one click. Well, tag is not the main factor today. The main factors or title thumbnail and the main description, though this is what you need to optimize very well. How to do this Let’s go back to morning theme and click on step number four. You will see here we have the title.

We have a description you can add we have the tags automatically generated for you. Just copy the tags and paste and your video tags you now. What about the title? To make things easier for you, the best format for the title is to mention

the target keyword at the beginning. Then, something catchy after the keyword like in my case, my target key within SEO is Google AdSense, then 15 steps to make sixty-eight point eight dollars per day. And by the way, it’s not clickbait.

I make this and more per day and this Google AdSense video I showed you how exactly I do this. If you’re interested, you can check the video money on the screen. So mentioned the keyword and then something catchy. And by the way,

So this is how we can create the title. And then you would go to the description here into the description. You have to mention your target keyword for sure in the first paragraph. And what’s nice? No more.

Nothing. You can highlight that up this and you will see no bags for videos or highlight description. I think the best way today to mention tags within your videos, and I think this is happening also on Instagram and this is what social media is doing today. Anyway, they’ll try to mention the hashtags also and the target keyword, and your description.

 This is number two, and it will show you a percentage of the optimized description that you have written for your video, though also, it will help you to write with description and show you if you need to optimize or not. Also, what’s nice about morning fame? You can click here on show hashtags to give you a list of related hashtags to add your videos. An example here. AdSense Make money online and passive income for this video as hashtags.

 So when you open this video on YouTube, you will see that this video is under these hashtags that you can see under these hashtags. So this is how we optimize the title and the description. We still have the thumbnail. If you go down here, you will see a place where you can upload a YouTube thumbnail and what’s nice? This is my all-time. And by the way, I change it to this one today.

So if you click on show sizes, it will show you different sizes of mobile and tablet on desktop and so on. So to give you an idea of how your video will appear on YouTube before you publish so you can think about your thumbnail, maybe and change it and go on now for thumbnails. It’s out of scope now on how

to create the best thumbnail. I will do a full video about this soon. I think so. If you’re interested, don’t forget to download applications to get everything you update. And by the way, morning fame. This tool is invite-only tool. You can see

it’s invitation only. So if I enjoy it for free, you can use my invite code in the description below, or you can simply find it anywhere on the internet and use it to join the morning theme. Now, step number three is to try and boost your video.

 Let’s start with tracking something to track your rankings to see if you are ranking on top of YouTube or not. How you do this. The simplest method is to go here to your Chrome browser or whatever browser and open a new incognito window, a private tab. Go to YouTube here and search for your keyword, say GoogleAdSense.

And then you will see if your video is on top of YouTube or not, you can use also be asked if you want to buy a VPN connection. Try different countries and so on. This is the basic method, but if you have a lot of videos, you can drag them out of keywords. You need to use a tool for this.

And in my case, I use to body, which is one of the best tools for YouTubers. If you are almost the next level, you must be using to buddy. You can see here in the search rank tracking, you can add keywords to track. In my case, I add around 50 keywords I’m tracking right now.

 Now, the keyword tracking option inside to the body, unfortunately, is not free. You need to get a license, at least stall license or legend to use the keyword tracking feature. But the good news is soon I will develop a free tool inside a super tools.

I will add to the YouTube section here the YouTube keyword ranking, too. They can track your ranking on YouTube for free if you want to get all the updates. All my free tools, everything. Don’t forget to smash the Subscribe button. Log the video and audio vacations to not miss any new updates.

Now we still have the boosting box. Boosting Simply Means is promoting your YouTube video outside YouTube. Give it some signals from outside YouTube, so you can note that this video is getting traffic from outside the platform. It’s like an SC. Oh, we have backlinks in Google or social signals. Think about it like this. So what you can do is you can show your video on all your social profiles.

 I do. I use a tool called Content Studio where we can share and with one click you post everywhere. It’s an awesome tool, by the way. I just select my pages, my groups, my Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, even Instagram, and simply paste your link here and post on all your profiles in one click.

 Also, I use push notifications. If you have a website, go now and start collecting push notification subscribers because an educated is super those. I have around 46000 subscribers. Whenever I publish a video, I simply don’t campaign and push the video to all these subscribers in the first hour. Then I send an email.

You can see this convert get my private email list I share with my subscribers every new update and so on. So email marketing is also one of the best ways to promote your video. And this is why I tell you always go and start a website. Whatever you are doing online, start a website to build your audience. Collect emails, push notifications.

No phone is Reddit. Reddit is one of the best places to get traffic. The simple formula and Reddit give value. Build your karma and get the traffic you need to give value and Reddit. You need to engage regularly to give value to people. Then it can get traffic from this awesome website that gets around 1.6 billion monthly visits. Then go to a website called Find a Forum Dot Net and find a forum in your niche. Go into categories and go to something related to your niche and start engaging in these forums to get traffic to your videos.

And by the way, on my website and age indicate we have a forum. We have more than 35000 members,60000 posts. You can go here, engage and share your videos without spamming and the last source of traffic. The YouTube channel, which is one of my best sources, is called on. Kota is a treasure. I always repeat this.

A lot of people just maybe don’t have the patience to wait and engage and get traffic from this treasure. Believe me, it’s a treasure. Go now and engage in code. And if you’d like to learn my top eight secrets on how to get traffic from Cobra, you can watch this video.

 See you later!

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