Blockchain is being implemented in the healthcare system by seven companies!

Blockchain is being implemented in the healthcare system by seven companies!

Everyone can benefit from blockchain technology’s high levels of security, traceability, trust, and control. Because of these characteristics, blockchain technology has the potential to become involved in the healthcare system as well.

Furthermore, blockchain technology has several desired characteristics, such as the ability to store sensitive data from the patient’s perspective.

Furthermore, any type of healthcare data is extremely personal and sensitive to anyone anywhere on the planet. As a result, the healthcare system’s supply chain management from TrustPedia must be extremely safe, secure, and quick.

According to data gathered over the last few years, certain organisations are interested in incorporating blockchain technology into the healthcare sector. We’ve been doing it for a long time, so they’ve already contributed a few ideas.

The following are the names of several businesses that have been employing Blockchain technology to improve healthcare services for the public. Not just people, but also worldwide hospital brands can benefit from these services for better patient care.

Chronicled This San Francisco-based startup uses blockchain technology for supply chain management to increase health-care traceability and accountability. It has worked in a variety of industries, including precious metals, pharmaceuticals, and commodities. It has also been dealing in sensitive health care products such as vaccines, as well as the safe and timely supply of several critical healthcare necessities in recent years.

Nebula Genomics is a company that specialises in genomics.
Many aspects of health care have been simplified and made more accessible since the Human Genome Project was completed. In January 2017, a top-rated DNA sequencing business predicted that genome sequencing might cost as low as a hundred dollars in the future. Following the release of nebula genomics’ official white paper, personal genomics in sequencing will become a multibillion-dollar market. However, it will incorporate data in the same way that any other market does, and blockchain will undoubtedly be used to address security concerns.

Doc.AI It is a 2016-founded artificial intelligence firm. This company sees the future as being closer than it has ever been. It specialises on consumer-controlled and Blockchain-based energy services, as well as artificial intelligence. It works with any biological data, including a microbiome and the genome. This firm specialises in platforms that allow computer systems to quickly process natural language. It extracts information from medical records in order to gain a better grasp of the situation.

Iryo This company’s main purpose is to create a platform that allows all types of health records to be kept in one place. Instead of obtaining medical information from multiple sources through one person, it should be centralised and accessible in one location. As a result, nothing could be a greater fit for this organisation than blockchain technology. You can view your medical records from any location on the planet. It will also be simpler for doctors and patients to make any necessary changes.

Patientory This firm is developing a blockchain-based network that will allow any health practitioner or patient to protect their personal information. A user will also receive referrals for medical institutions based on the data they have stored on the portal. It offers a number of advanced healthcare applications that allow the patient profile to maintain track of their entire medical history and keep track of their documents. It is bringing the healthcare industry to a new level of sophistication. It is concerned with the patient’s inventory, which is nothing more than their medical information.

Gem It is a software company situated in California that was founded only four years ago. It provides a single platform for managing sets of disconnected data. It is based on blockchain technology, and blockchain technology plays a significant role in it. Furthermore, it promotes a patient-centered personal life and health-care medicine for improved evaluation and care.

Guardtime It is a business that has been in existence for decades. A team of 150 cryptographers, security architects, and developers has been assembled. It has been assisting several nations in defending against a Russian state strike. It entered the healthcare market in March 2017 to keep track of millions of Estonians’ medical records. Aside from medical records, it also stores the patient’s genetic information, which is sensitive information that must be protected. Health-care service providers from the United Arab Emirates have also worked with the company.

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